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GPAC lobby

We sure had a blast at the “Live the Game” event on November 10! This was the GPAC’s first time participating in the Spirit and Place Festival, whose theme this year was “Play”. We turned our beloved arts center into a giant interactive game board, complete with large inflatable dice.

Ritch handed out the dice!

As visitors played through our game board, moving from space to space, they were met with silly challenges (like the Vertical Log Roll, Blind Draw, Full Body Hopscotch, and Monster Ring Toss) and had a chance to see parts of the building that are often missed by the public.

Monster Ring Toss

Full Body Hopscotch

Once they made it to the Main Gallery, players were given multiple opportunities to play! One side of the room had game history facts posted on the wall for people to read about. The other side contained cardboard arcade games: Shark Attack Balloon Race, Tennis Ball Toss, Racing Ramps, Tunnel of Mystery, Alphabet Blocks, and Flower Power Bean Bag Toss. Then down the middle we had giant playing cards, paper plate paddle ball, a colorful parachute, and Lego playbricks.

Parachute Fun

Shark Attack Balloon Race

Building with Legos

Visitors could also pop into the Literary Arts room to play magnetic Scrabble or do a crossword, or visit the Arts for All room to construct their own Mancala boards out of egg crates.

Making Mancala boards

Families played through the board game and then stayed to play several of the games offered. We made sure everyone left with a smile!

Check out our Youtube channel for clips from the event.

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