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The Indiana Photographic Society meets here at the GPAC every Wednesday from 7-9PM. There is no registration and visitors are welcome to participate at no cost.

This club is for photographers, photo-historians, and enthusiasts. Activities and topics include photo critique, review, survey of techniques, and hands-on instruction. The Society exhibits the work of its members at locations around the state, including an annual exhibit here at the GPAC.

Would you like more information about the meetings and who attends? Read the rest of the article for more information and an interview with one of the members.

“The Indiana Photographic Society is a diverse group of artists who use old and new technology to produce and promote fine art photography. Members of the Indiana Photographic Society use various technologies including both film and digital.” The group has been meeting weekly since 2006 to discuss upcoming field trips, plan exhibitions, show new work and share photographic themed instruction. (

As an employee at the GPAC who has never had the chance to sit in on an entire meeting, I was interested to get a little information on what happens at a typical meeting and what people love about attending, so I did a quick interview with a member who attends every Wednesday.

Why do you come every Wednesday to meet with the Indiana Photographic Society?

“I go to meet people. I enjoy meeting different types of people in different phases of life. I don’t even consider myself a camera person, but I enjoy seeing what others’ expertise are and listening to their ideas.”

How did you become interested in photography?

“I am a horticulturist so I spend a lot of time outside doing visual research of the plants I want to use for my work. I would ask my wife to take photographs of the different plants and flowers so I could remember them better for the future. As a visual person, the two fields merged and I have been interested in photography since.”

What is a typical meeting like?

“Typically at meetings we discus upcoming field trips, set dates, review our work, and share ideas. Sometimes there are also featured speakers who talk about their photography. For example, there was a man who photographed famous jazz musicians who came to speak at the meeting about his stories and to show his work. Other speakers sometimes do tutorials or lessons in certain techniques. “

What do you like most about the meetings?

“I like to yipper-yapper with everyone. Each person in their own expertise shares with others. My expertise is 35 mm film, while some others do digital or use other media. We all share ideas of what equipment to use, techniques, camera suggestions, tips, etc. I like the variety of subject matter people use; whether they do landscape, portrait, sports, contemporary, etc.”

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