Arts for All: Abstract Wire Sculptures   2 comments

Photo credited to Mick Orlosky on flickr




This October, the GPAC staff invites you and your family to create an abstract wire portrait of yourself! First, you’ll create a “blind contour drawing” without lifting your pencil or looking at your paper. Your drawing will be one long, unbroken line. Then, you will sculpt a three dimensional drawing using colorful telephone wire. Each portrait is unique, and wildly abstract!

Bring your family to Arts for All at the GPAC October 1 – November 13 on Saturdays and Sundays during open hours to participate in this activity. All children must be accompanied by an adult.



Posted September 21, 2011 by GPAC Arts in Arts For All

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2 responses to “Arts for All: Abstract Wire Sculptures

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  1. Is that a Calder? Or just an example? Either way contour is a really neat thing to learn. I havn’t made many, but the lesson stayed with me. I have a duck that did about 12 years ago, I should post it though!! It really makes you focus on the form and bolder shading. I love that everyone’s turns out different!

    • The image is just an example, though we will probably discuss Calder’s work while doing the activity! Contour is a great lesson, very fun, and often overlooked. Thanks for your comment!

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