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A new exhibit means a new Arts for All activity! For our Student and Faculty Exhibition, we are doing a community project where we will work together to decorate bus stop benches. These tired old benches are ready to be transformed into fabulous works of public art!

Each bus stop bench will have its own unique theme. The first bench we will be working on is going to be covered with various types of animals. Families can work together to come up with their own animal to be painted on the bench. The possibilities are endless! The second bench is affectionately called the “Bubble Bench”. This bench will be decorated with different sizes of circles. You can pick any color, pattern, or design you wish to add to the bench, and we will overlap them for a cool 3-D effect. The third bench is going to be a cityscape theme.  Imagine what a bench would look like with buildings, streets, and cars. You will be the architects!

So bring your family to the GPAC July 30 – August 21, Wednesday through Sunday to join in the fun! Did we mention that it’s free?

Posted July 30, 2011 by GPAC Arts in Arts For All

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